Milly the dog

Milly the dog

The game will help kids to learn how to play video games

You are Milly, a cute dog, that started a travel to look for all his toys living a non-stop adventure through 3 fun and colorful stages full of surprises.

Discover an impressive world : Child drawn animated animal characters living in a real pictures and comic style mixed world with pixel art details, aesthetic scenery elements and all kind of non-violent enemies like tigers, spiders, dangerous equinoids, alienized bees or all kind of cactus, you should avoid touch them

When you have found all the toys hidden in all the maps you have unlock 7 mini-games:

This is the perfect game for children to learn play video games. It has mazes, dig up for resources in large maps and also short missions. Moreover, it has casual, action, platform and race against time mini-games.

Milly the dog is really like 10 games in 1.

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Milly the dog is a game for kids of all ages
Recommended ages between 6+ and 14 years old
Also it is ideal to play with your children 3+ next to you

Stage 1 : Dangers and mazes

The adventure stars with Milly looking for his food bowl, water bowl and bed in a map full of dangerous animals but also with some helps like water bottles or dog cookies.

In order to find all the items it is interesting a visit to tiger's cave and to Black Spider Maze. You also have to be careful with alienized bees cause they can appear in any place.

Tiger's cave
Black Spider Maze

Stage 2 : Just dig for them

Now Milly the dog has a lot of work. It must go around the map locating the points where dig up for lost items. The lost items are a tennis ball, a flying disk, a cow, a comb, a hair dryer and a his bathtub.

When Milly find the tennis ball you have unlocked the first mini-game: Catch the ball

When Milly find the flying disk you have unlocked the second mini-game: Playing flying disk

When Milly find the cow you have unlocked the third mini-game: Rodeo

Milly need to find the comb, the hair dryer and the bathtub to unlocked the fourth mini-game: Clean Milly

Milly in the house
When unlocked Milly can start playing the mini-games just going into his house.

So let's go dig !!! But first just a safety tip: always cross the road when the light is green.

A place to dig up
Always cross the road when the light is green

Stage 3 : Jungle friends

In his large search of all his lost items and toys Milly must enter the jungle. In the jungle Milly to complete his mission will need the help of some friend animals like the lion, a couple of red pandas and a gila monster. The bad news are that nowadays it is very hard to find somebody who works for free, so they will help Milly only if they receive a gift.

Milly has to find the appropiate gift for every friend.

When Milly find the cone you have unlocked the fifth mini-game: Agility contest

When Milly find the roller skate you have unlocked the sixth mini-game: Race track

When Milly find the star you have unlocked the seventh mini-game: All the stars

Couple of red pandas
Milly in the jungle

7 Mini-games

Milly the dog minigame : Catch the ball
Catch the ball
Milly the dog minigame : Playing flying disk
Playing flying disk
Milly the dog minigame : Rodeo
Milly the dog minigame : Clean Milly
Clean Milly
Milly the dog minigame : Agility contest
Agility contest
Milly the dog minigame : Race track
Race track
Milly the dog minigame : All the stars
All the stars

Short mini-games video:

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Milly the dog for Windows 10 PC
Available now for Windows 10 PC in the Microsoft Store

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