Beware the easy path.
Knowledge grows only through challenge.
William Miles (Assassin's Creed) 
Red Cap Zombie Hunter

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

The story that inspires the game is very typical: virus attacks mankind turning most of them into zombies only a few, the strongest one, manage to overcome the virus and remain as normal people. From a central office in the city, a Human Resistence leader, hires Red Cap as ZOMBIE HUNTER.

In order to meet the leader of the resistance, Red Cap must travel to the city where at the top of a skyscrape is the barracks, continually besieged by zombies, of the Anti-Zombies Army, also known as AZA.

The travel to the city is divided into 2 stages of 5 levels each.

In the first stage, Red Cap decides to take the shortest path to the city, which is the one through the cemetery. There he will face the first zombies, enter a royal tomb and explore the catacombs until he finds the exit and can quickly head towards the city.

In the second stage, when he finally reaches the city, he finds a bleak panorama: in the parks the children have already become zombies, the citizens who are still normal and the zombies share the streets. When he passed a construction site, the zombie workers tried to eat him. Some policemen turned into zombies fire their guns. Red Cap will be forced to use the subway to avoid the streets and get to the Anti-Zombies Army (AZA) office as soon as possible.

Red Cap Zombie Hunter video

Short gameplay level 5:


Share your progress. Challenge your friends.

Using the button that looks like a photo camera you can take a screenshot that will be stored on your device and that you can easily share on your social networks and challenge your friends to beat your times.

Share your progress as zombie hunter
Share your progress as zombie hunter

Play Red Cap Zombie Hunter and enjoy

The game is not a run and kill since in each level by the disposition of the traps and the enemies it presents challenges that the player will have to overcome with cunning and skill. Sometimes standing still and waiting, sometimes taking the path above and other times running down the path below.

It is certainly a game that you will not end up playing for 10 minutes, you will surely need hours, and even days, to successfully complete the 10 levels.

  • 10 levels divided in 2 different stages
  • Fight against 2 Big Boss enemies that you will meet on your way
  • Improved skills for Red Cap depending of player EXPerience
  • Player Honor ranking: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold (from I to III) and Champion
  • It's a PLAY-TO-WIN game. You don't need to spend extra money to finish the game. If you want to finish the game faster you can buy several goods that will help you.
  • Your character upgrades will be saved as local data and it'll be used in future Vialgames games so improving your character will be useful to play another games.
  • The first level wants to be a tribute to the classic game of the 80s Ghosts'n Goblins.
  • Available in english and spanish

Short gameplay level 8:

Press Dossier

Press Dossier Red Cap Zombie Hunter


Red Cap Zombie Hunter appears in Top Steam Games To Tryout In December 2021 at

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Some game screen captures
Red Cap watching the zombies
More zombies
Things get hot
Going up the hill
Find a royal tomb
Fight the Boss
Beware of zombie kids
The city is full of zombies
Dark streets full of dangers
Some cops have also been transformed
Red Cap Zombie Hunter UI
Red Cap Zombie Hunter - User interface
The Shop

With the coins and treasures that Red Cap will find along the way in the store, you can buy, among other things, such fun devices as
eShield (Electronic Shield), Laser Wheel or a Robot that will accompany you as your faithful friend.

Red Cap with the eShield
A wheel of lasers
The Robot shoots laser to the zombies
Red Cap with all the cool gadgets



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