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My first smartphone

My first smartphone

My First Smartphone will let the kid use tablet, smartphone or PC as an interactive toy with which the child will take their first steps to recognize colors, numbers, farm animals, wild animals and fruits.

It is much more than a visual and musical toy with which the child can listen the different sounds that animals make or enjoy the most popular children's songs, with the piano mode his brain will become familiar with music and with the different musical notes.

My First Smartphone will make it easier for you to introduce children to the use of touchscreen devices while they play.

My First Smartphone also includes 10 songs that will be a real fun for the girl or the boy.

It will help your kids to learn the numbers, colors, animals and fruits in english and spanish.

  • 10 songs for children
  • Piano mode
  • Available in english and spanish
  • NO ADS

My first smartphone

My first smartphone 1

My first smartphone 2

My first smartphone 3

My first smartphone 4

My first smartphone 5


android devices


Windows 10

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