Beware the easy path.
Knowledge grows only through challenge.
William Miles (Assassin's Creed) 


Fun math game for kids ages 4-8.
Learn the four basic operations while playing. 10 levels for each basic math operation.

The game asks for the result of the operation and repeats the correct one thus reinforcing learning.

Play addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through 10 increasing level-of-difficulty levels.

It's included a shape recognition game will help your kid familiarize with the basic geometric shapes 2D and 3D (20 different shapes).

  • Learn addition, substraction, multiplication and division while playing
  • Includes 2d and 3d shape recognition
  • Available in english and spanish
  • Very useful to learn the numbers in spanish


MAT48 1

MAT48 2

MAT48 3

MAT48 4

MAT48 5

MAT48 6

MAT48 10 levels


android devices


Windows 10

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