Beware the easy path.
Knowledge grows only through challenge.
William Miles (Assassin's Creed) 
Find 7 differences

Find 7 differences


The goal is spot 7 differences between two near-identical images. Enjoy 100 different levels with beautiful pictures and 7 differences to spot in each of them. The game is suitable for all ages, all you need is to have a sharp eye and good concentration skills.

Easy to play, simple and fun game that helps you to concentrate. Low and medium diffficult puzzles.

If you think you smartphone screen is too small try the game in your tablet.

  • All 100 levels are unlocked
  • No time limit! Find at your own pace!
  • Interesting puzzles. Good variety of pictures with different themes to keep you busy
  • Improve observation and visual skills
  • Designed for phones and tablets
  • NO ADS

Just tap over, in the picture on the right, where you think there's a difference.

menu 1

menu 2

menu 3

menu 4

menu 5

puzzle 1

puzzle 2

puzzle 3


android devices


Windows 10


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