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Red cap zombie hunter

Red cap zombie hunter

In development ...

Release date: Spring 2021

Red cap zombie hunter will be the first 2d platform game developed by Vialgames.

The story that inspires the game is very typical: virus attacks mankind turning most of them into zombies only a few, the strongest one, manage to overcome the virus and remain as normal people. From a central office in the city, a Human Resistence leader, hires Red Cap as ZOMBIE HUNTER.

Red cap will receive information about the areas that are full of zombies and need to be "cleaned" and also about the most strong zombies that are starting to manage their own armies.

It will be a platform game with and inventory of weapons and extra equipment for Red Cap and a wide range of enemies and sceneries from typical cemetery to lake, mansion, caves ...

First level want to be a kind of tribute to classical 80s game Ghosts 'n Goblins.

Short gameplay video: testing 1st level

Red Cap Zombie Hunter FREE DEMO is playable through Steam!

During the Steam Game Festival (Autumn edition), a free demo of Red Cap Zombie Hunter will be available for download.

The demo offers full first level of the game (Full game will have up to 33 levels):

I hope you will enjoy the game and add it to your wishlists.

What does finished game should have ?
  • 33 levels divided in 5 different stages
  • 7 Big Boss enemies at the end of levels
  • Improved skills for Red Cap depending of player EXPerience
  • Player Honor ranking: Stone, Bronze, Silver and Gold (from I to IV)
  • It'll be a PLAY-TO-WIN game. You don't need to spend extra money to finish the game. If you want to finish the game faster you can buy several goods that will help you.
  • Your character upgrades will be saved as local data and it'll be used in future Vialgames games so improving your character will be useful to play another games.
  • Available in english
  • NO ADS

Free demo on Steam

Some game captures
Red Cap Zombie Hunter UI
Red Cap Zombie Hunter UI
Stage 1 has 5 levels
Stage 1 has 5 levels
Red Cap against 1 zombie
More zombies
Zombies and plants
More plants and zombies
Red Cap fight against ghosts
Red Cap on a platform in movement
Red Cap at platforms zone
Creepy scenary



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